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Mother with the Redeemer


The relation between Mary and the Redemption.
Mary has ties with the Redemption

image-402“She who is associated with Him in the work of man’s salvation has favor and power with her Son
greater than any other human or angelic creature has ever obtained or ever can obtain.”

Pope Leo Xlll, Encyclical, Supremi Apostolatos
1 September 1883

f.eu1.jwwb.nl_public_y_h_r_temp-fbygoqpzsyxtlkaxszsz_gttexx_image-399“The august Virgin conceived without original sin, was chosen to be the Mother of Christ
in order to be associated with Him in the redemption of mankind.”
Pope Pius Xl, Letter, Auspicatus profecto, to Cardinal Binet
28 January 1933

f.eu1.jwwb.nl_public_y_h_r_temp-fbygoqpzsyxtlkaxszsz_9jhwki_image-398“In this work of redemption, the Blessed Virgin Mary was closely associated with Christ and so the sacred liturgy sings,
‘Holy Mary, Queen of heaven, and Mistress of the world, stood in sorrow at the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.’ Wherefore, according to a devout disciple of St. Anselm… ‘Just as… God by His power creating all things is Father and Lord of all, so the Blessed Virgin Mary, restoring all things by her merits, is Mother and Mistress of all; for God is Lord of all things created
because by His command He gave them their nature, and Mary is Mistress of all things because she restored them to
their original dignity by the grace which she merited.'”

Pope Pius Xll, Encyclical, Ad coeli Reginam
11 October 1954

Mary begins Redemption

“It is impossible to say how pleasing and gratifying to the Blessed Virgin it is when we greet her
with the Angelic Salutation,
‘full of grace’; and in repeating it, do we not fashion these words of praise
into a crown of devotion to her? For every time we say them, we recall the memory of her exalted dignity
and of the redemption of the human race which God began in her.”

Pope Pius Xll, Encyclical, Ad coeli Reginam
11 October 1954

Mary cooperates with the Redemption

image-405“From her heavenly abode, she began, by God’s decree, to watch over the Church, to assist and befriend us
as our Mother, so that she who was so intimately associated with the mystery of human salvation is just as
closely associated with the distribution of the graces which from all time will flow from the redemption.”
Pope Leo Xlll, Encyclical, Adiutricim Populi
5 September 1895

“As the angelic doctor teaches, ‘There is no reason why certain others should not be called in a certain way mediators
between God and man, that is to say, insofar as they cooperate by predisposing and ministering in the union of man and God’… Especially has the Blessed Virgin attained to the glory of this title. For no single individual can ever be imagined who
has ever contributed or ever will contribute so much toward reconciling man with God.”
Pope Leo Xlll, Encyclical, Fidentem Piumque
20 September 1896

“According to the common teaching of the Doctors, it was God’s design that the Blessed Virgin Mary…
should assist Him when He was dying nailed to the Cross. Mary suffered and, as it were, nearly died with her
suffering Son; for the salvation of mankind she renounced her mother’s rights and, as far as it depended on her,
offered her Son to placate the divine justice; so we may well say that she with Christ redeemed mankind.”
Pope Benedict XV, Apostolic Letter, Inter sodalicia
22 May 1918

Mary takes an effective part in the Redemption

image-409“For us nothing can be more effective in winning the Virgin’s favor in meriting the most salutary graces
than to surround with the greatest possible honor the mysteries of our redemption
in which she not only shared but also took a part.”
Pope Leo Xlll, Apostolic Letter, Parta humano generi
8 September 1901

image-410“The sorrowful Virgin took part with Jesus Christ in the work of the redemption.
She was constituted Mother of men, who were confided to her as a testimony of divine love.
She took them to herself as sons and she lovingly protects them.”
Pope Pius Xl, Apostolic Letter, Explorata res est
2 February 1923

Mary by taking part in Redemption redeems mankind

“She it was who, immune from all sin, personal or inherited, and ever more closely united
with her Son, offered Him on Golgotha to the Eternal Father together with the holocaust of her
maternal rights and motherly love like a new Eve, for all the children of Adam contaminated
through this unhappy fall, and thus she, who was the Mother of our head according to the flesh,
became by a new title of sorrow and glory the spiritual Mother of His members.”

Pope Pius Xll, Encyclical, Mystici corporis
29 June 1943

Mary is associated with the Redeemer

image-401“Since she surpassed all in holiness and union with Christ, and has been associated with Christ
in the work of redemption, she, as the expression is, merits de congruo (by right of friendship with God)
what Christ merits de condigno (in strict justice), and is the principal minister in the distribution of grace.”
Pope St. Pius X, Encyclical, Ad diem illum
2 February 1904

image-413“The most Blessed Virgin Mary was inseparably joined with Christ in accomplishing the work
of man’s redemption so that our salvation flows from the love of Jesus Christ and His sufferings
intimately united with the love and sorrows of His mother.”
Pope Pius Xll, Encyclical, Huarietis aquas
15 May 1956

Mary is co-Redemptrix

“From the nature of His work the Redeemer ought to have associated His Mother with His work.
For this reason, we invoke her under the title of Co-Redemptrix (Mother with the Redeemer).
She gave us the Savior, she accompanied Him in the work of redemption as far as the Cross itself,
sharing with Him the sorrows of the agony and of the death in which Jesus consummated the
redemption of mankind.”

Pope Pius Xl: Allocution to pilgrims from Vincenza
30 November 1933

And Simeon blessed them, and said to Mary his mother: Behold this child is set for the fall,
and for the resurrection of many in Israel, and for a sign which shall be contradicted;
And thy own soul a sword shall pierce, that, out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed.
Luke 2, 34-35

Salve Regina


Text source
Fr. Francis J. Ripley, Mary Mother of the Church: What recent Popes have said about the Blessed Mother’s role in the Church
[Charlotte, N.C, Tan Books, 1969] Mary is Co-Redemptrix, pp. 43-49.

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